The CMI has been created as a non-profit foundation by the Government of Flanders in collaboration with the universities/university hospitals and the health care industry in Flanders to accelerate the translation of innovation in human health care into novel clinical applications. CMI’s first project is the creation and coordination of the Flemish Biobank, a virtual biobank in specific disease fields, according to strict quality criteria for biomaterials and accompanying clinical data sets.

The CMI activities contribute in a major way to:

  Accelerated access to know-how as well as health care products and strategies for the end-user: patient and physician.
  Better understanding of diseases, their evolution, their treatment and their prevention.
  The creation of technology platforms that allow for the genesis of new companies with focus on health care and med-tech.
  Smooth transition from academic know-how and understanding to innovation into the R&D process that turns ideas into applications and products.

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